HDTV Antenna, 1byone Indoor Amplified TV antenna

Are you searching for a simple indoor HDTV antenna? The 1byone amplified HDTV antenna model accompanies all the vital components, making setup moderately direct. The antenna likewise pulls in a decent number of channels, making it a strong alternative for cord cutters hoping to spare some cash.

HDTV Antenna, 1byone Indoor Amplified TV antenna

Design Specification

As is regular of numerous HD TV antenna designs, the 1byone is a dark, flat, rectangular antenna of size 13.25 x 9.25 inches, with the help of two adhesive pads it can be stuck easily on wall and window. It accompanies 10-feet long coaxial cable, which gives you enough manoeuvring space to set the antenna to get an appropriate signal.

There’s additionally a 5-foot-long USB cable for connecting the 1byone to the amplifier and a USB control connector, which numerous less expensive antennas preclude. For novices, there’s likewise a brief but great degree clear and supportive installation guide.

1byone Indoor Amplified TV antenna Performance

The 1byone is evaluated to pull in stations situated inside a 50-mile radius. A preparatory scan utilizing the built-in tuner of our test Samsung KS9000 4K TV turned up 65 channels (your tuner’s outcomes may vary), however as with most antenna, not each one of those stations were watchable.

Several Broadcasting Options

Other local broadcastings such as the game-show station Buzzr and retro TV channels came in all around good. If you needed to watch any semblance of Bewitched or Flipper, you’d be very much served.

There were additionally the essential Telemundo and Univision stations, which looked fresh and clear. Missing from the lineup were some Asian and Hispanic stations additionally up the dial, and deviants like the marine climate station.

More: Testing and Setup

Following an initial day of testing, I repositioned the antenna and could get the ABC affiliate and a few adjacent channels that the antenna initially missed.

Attempting different positions, I found that the initial reception issues were not because of antenna location; rather, antenna’s fixed attached point was loos, and wiggling it could influence gathering of negligible signals. This isn’t, as is commonly said, a client serviceable part and might be an indication of some quality-confirmation issues.

  • Easy to setup
  • Could be hang anywhere
  • Moderate price
  • Complete package with all necessary components
  • Inconsistent in performance



Among different indoor antenna the 1byone Indoor Amplified HDTV antenna turned out solid. If you really willing to add value to you money that keep your eyes close and make this product your prior choice.

We highly recommend this product!


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