Your presence here at this blog proves you really care about your good look and in need of Best Professional hair clippers for barbers or personal use.

A perfect pair of professional clippers can easily differentiate between a good job done and job to do well. This the best place for the Best Professional hair clippers for barber reviews and buyers guide. You will find all answers specifically asked for the great/latest hair clipper.

Best Barber Hair Clipper

A good hair clipper is that has a self-cleaning feature, corded or cordless high performance, interactive design, lighter weight, perfect size and customized size for the cutting blades and many other features.

Over list for top rated best hair clippers of 2018 included 3 best home hair clipper & 3 best professional hair clipper other are best general use hair trimmers for newbies.

Here is the list of Best Barber Hair Clipper:

Product Type Rating Price
Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper  Submersible 5/5 Check Price
WAHL 79300-400T COLOR PRO COMPLETE HAIR CUTTING KIT Submersible 5/5 Check Price
WAHL 79600-2101 LITHIUM ION CLIPPER Utility 4.5/5 Check Price
Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper 410 shots 4/5 Check Price

1) Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor ClipperThe most famous best-selling high ranked hair clipper around the globe is Oster Fast Feed. The basic reason behind its popularity it well reputed brand name and 12 amp pivot motor power full enough for bulky haircut.

Twice powerful as compare to the magnetic motor clipper. This clipper for thick hairs is ultra-silent and often called Whisper quiet. Fast feed clipper is capable of cutting dry or wet hairs. No problem at all how thick hairs you have, they will not stand after just a single pass to shears densest curls.

Giving durable and reliable service delivery in most affordable inexpensive manner are its key strength.

These best barbering clippers come in sleek & smart design keeping lightweight for easy handling. This best housing unit is easy to handle and easy to use with 8-meter long cord which allows shaving in the washroom or around the chair. Long lasting durability allows you to enjoy its service for the longer period of time giving the best value for money.

Some of the main features that should be highlighted here are here below:

  • Adjustable blades that allow you to customize setting according to your usage
  • Convenient with adjustable blade levels easy to use for entry level barbers and best medium duty trimmer.
  • You just need to choose the required length and get started (medium duty length hair clipper)
  • A nice hair cut can be achieved by its lever blade for adjustment of extremely sharp adjustable Cryogen-x blade
  • 4 cutting combinations (blending, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2) are available for high-quality hair clippers
  • 8 feet long cord for ease of mobility and maximum support during regular hair cut using clipper
  • Texture design to give it a more attractive look
  • All type of hairs including thick hair, dry, wet, afro, curly etc. can be shred using Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper
  • Best easy to use recommended for DIY – do it yourself jobs
  • No need to change blades occasionally

On ordering it on you will get a complete package of the product consisting toughest motor unit in the market, lubricant oil, cleaning brush, blade guards, styling combs, ceases and many other related accessories. It will not wrong to call it best in budget top hair clipper for men.

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  • No blade change needed with easy to use in hands having full control
  • Silent clipping making the effective hair cut
  • Did not have the stand or any other case to place machine i a well-defined manner



WAHL 79300-400T COLOR PRO COMPLETE HAIR CUTTING KITDelivering a wider range of low-cost electric shavers WAHL stood first for pro complete hair trimming kit. The color guide by this barber hair clipper allows remembering which combination is resembled to which hair length. All combinations have an identical color code scheme that corresponds to correct blend setting.

Getting more value in paying less does not mean you are getting worst quality things, it’s a matter of customer facilitation so many markets leading hair clipper brands to adopt different strategies to increase sale focusing more profit gain.

WAHL 79300-400T COLOR PRO COMPLETE HAIR CUTTING KIT is all in one machine the best suitable machine that can be used everywhere on the body. It’s up to you whether you trim your head hair, shave your facial hair or do some other job using interactive hair clipper.

Durable carbon steel blades are used to provide sharp and neat hair cut in comparison with other blades that do not get rusted.   The fine steel made hair trimming blades are made with the finest quality, their life can be increased by lubrication oil and by using cleaning blades come free of cost with some commercial heavy duty clippers for hair stylists. Self-sharpening blades dominant in high performance with time to time

Hair cutting kit comes in a variety of combination ranging between 1/18” to 1”. This unit of clipper did not have the battery it uses 6 feet long electric cord from which it takes direct current supply. The machine cored length provide ease of mobility within a comfortable radius. You will also get a pair of scissors, blade oil bottle, barber combination, and styling comb too.

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  • Ideal hair clipper for the head shave
  • Provides a variety of accessories supporting powerful hair cut for all type of hairs
  • Sometime overheated when used for a longer time



WAHL 79600-2101 LITHIUM-ION CLIPPERNow here we have another best cordless hair clipper under review. This cordless home hair clipper is superior when it comes operational. It can cut all type of hair making no difference either they are dry, wet, thick, curly etc. In short, it is best for home use hair clippers.

Lithium battery supported hair clipper provides 2 hours long running time. Its powerfull robust motor proved twice powerful during evolution experiments taken with the comparison of Wahl general motor. Its quick rechargeable feature is really appreciating in which it takes only 15 minutes to take full charge enough for one haircut. This will save your time and reduce the fear of low battery during your job. The battery backup support to eliminate your hair pruning during travels. This feature makes this an extraordinary portable small hair cutting machine at an affordable price.

The Lithium-ion clipper has auto sharpening blades and LED lights to work as indicators that used to let the user know when a battery recharge us required. The micro hair trimmer works more than perfect with regularly cut shorter in length hairs. Longer hair styles or unordered hairs can also be trimmed using its power full motor.

It give two combination a hair clip and a barber’s cap for stylish haircut. blade guards and a manual for detail trimmer are also include These all features are only possible in expensive price but the model 79600-2101 is comparatively most inexpensive hair clipper to place on barbers shop.

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  • Used to as best beard, ear, head and eyebrow trimmer
  • Comes with complete kit having soft case, hair clipper guide, cleaning brush etc
  • Two times great lithium ion battery
  • Versatile unit and fast charging
  • Personal use hair clipper
  • Relatively difficult to clean



OSTER CLASSIC 76 UNIVERSAL MOTOR CLIPPEROster Classic 76 universal motor clipper is barbershop favorite hair clipper as it stands day long performing multiple variations. Thinnest hairs can also easily trimmed with Classic 76 trusted hair clipper. The pro classic hair clipper derives with 2 blades on the purchase. You can buy other customized coms too.

Oster Classic 76 universal motor clipper gives a real satisfaction of professional work. It has the long electric cord for more radius during making head haircut or shaving face. The power cord is 8 to 9 feet long enough to reach any electric switch/socket. Long cord allows free movement during hair shaving.

Some of the key features that we should mention here for this great value hair clipper for fades are

Solitary speediness motor giving hassle free hair cutting

  • 2 detachable blades, you can buy more
  • 9 feet power cord
  • Pause confrontation housing
  • Clipper grease, blade oil, cleaning brush, casing
  • Clean cut, durable hair clipper for barbers
  • Professional quality clipper work in silence – quiet

The detachable blades specifically made for barbers allow to keep hygiene this really work to stop any risk when a same machine is going to be used of many peoples in a single day. The blades are easy to replace and need less maintenance. Considering all level of barbers this soundless hair clipping machine is careful for professionals and entry level newbies (great for rookies).

Best design hair clipper fits perfect in the budget. It elegant look and shiny surface make it look to place in every barber shop. The slightly curving design make this machine an extra interactive gripping batter in human hands.

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  • Workhouse hair clipper for barbers
  • Low price best value for the money becoming essential tool of barber shop
  • Heavier than other model



Featuring the tapper 2000 and AC trimmer

WAHL 8329 PROFESSIONAL ESSENTIALS COMBOSupreme quality industrial use specialized barber clipper is top of the line in editor’s choice. This great value hair edge clipper has a strong impact on industry giving 100% satisfaction. This best hair buzzer combines the tapper 2000 clipper and AC trimmer in the single package.

Powered by latest technology electromagnet motor that provides swing cutting of hair making no difference in performance while used for all type of hairs including, dry, wet, thick etc. WAHL 8329 clipper is most liked by pro barbers and hair artists for fading, blending to edges. This hand held electromagnetic hair clipper is easy to use with amazingly 1 lb light weight and ergonomically design.

Adjustable salon quality clippers comprise high precision cutting blades, clipper guide book, oil bottle, Taper 2000 with thumb lever for changing tapper texture. On the other hand, AC trimmer contains 1-inch blade with the guide to provide, clean, clear and smooth hair cutting all the time. All these things make this

The Wahl Professional Essentials combo kit is provided with following attachments

  • Taper 2000 clipper oil for reliable being smooth in working
  • Hair cleaning brush provides assistance to remove mini hair pieces stuck by blades
  • Protection blade guards for trimmer and clipper
  • 8 feet long electric cord enough length for your ease
  • Adjustable cut clipper with Storage case
  • 5 years long product warranty

These all specification make it capable of handling all type of barbering chores (known as best hair clippers for fades). Whatever you are, an entry-level barber, professional hair trimmer or buying hair clippers for personal use at home this will marvelously be done your work/job/business with would not wrong to call this multi-user hair clipper or multi-function hair clipper for the best price.

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  • Powerful electromagnetic motor clipper
  • Scoop nose design best according to facial cuts
  • Two tools closed in one set – 2 in 1
  • Some people think this can be improved more



ANDIS PROFESSIONAL CERAMIC HAIR CLIPPER WITH DETACHABLE BLADEWhen we think about most powerful cordless clipper in the market with the rotatory motor. ANDIS Professional Ceramic hair clipper come to the front with its long-lasting battery supported hair trimming service. Versatility in the stylish handsome looking haircut, changing blades and easy cleaning can be done with its detachable blade feature. In this review, I place it at top rank for best battery operated hair clipper.

This best hair shaver is self-lubricated which does not need to oil after a specific interval of time. DIY – do it yourself hair trimming kit is precisely made for continued heavy duty use. This unique design hair clipper is well insulated for protected use and is soundless due to its compact rotatory motor supporting trimming blades.

Nice wireless hair clipper uses ceramic blades rather than steel. They last longer and maintain short cutting for longer time. Durable blades are made with harder mineral as parallel to steel. Most hair clippers have the issue of getting heated while running but this issue does not persist here as it blades are made of ceramic and they prevent to conduct heat giving a great advantage over other best hair clipper of 2015,2016, 2017 to now. The customer did not need to bear headed blades to his neck, head, or face with this soundless hair clipper.

The cordless unit provides freedom of movement and eases to carry on the go. It allows to use it every even during your travel. Its efficient fine quality battery last long needing less than 1 hour time to fully rechargeable using ANDIS professional clipper charger. LED light indicated when the machine is on charging mode and refresh button help to restore battery strength maximizing its strength.

Thinking about home clippers vs professional clipper this device can be used as both only due to its superior performance. It has smaller size whose pleasure can be the only experience on the purchase.  Lighter weight, easy handling paying low price make these ideal clippers for cutting your own hair instead of waiting long on barbershop.

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  • Durable ceramic edge head resistance blades for safer cutting
  • Battery operated trimmer
  • Do come with 1 blades more need to purchase separately

7) Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper

Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair ClipperWhen it comes to choosing the best electric appliances brand Panasonic stood 1st with its trusted quality products best electric shavers, best bear trimmers and many other. ER-GP80 K Professional Hair trimmer is one of the tops of the line. The dynamic hair cutting and fashionable design are combines in it using modern technology.

This detailing clipper use sensors that detect the density of hairs and speed up the movement of cutting blades accordingly this. This reduces your efforts giving you high output. The blades are 45-degree angles that are perfect for swift cutting without hurting them by pulling. Flexibility can be achieved by thumbwheel easily accessible ranging between 2mm to 0.8 mm hair length

It does come with longer battery backup that lasts longer. Need only 50 minutes or less for full battery charge to provide cordless operation. Some of the key features are given below:

  • X-Taper blades unique in the formation using modern technology
  • 10000 CPM high power motor enables with sensors
  • Twice durable with Titanium Nitrate and Diamond-like carbon.
  • Easily adjustable cutting length
  • Dual side combination attachment with six cutting length
  • Charge stand also include along with best clipper unit


  • Handler sensor tracking technology
  • Economic for low budget consumers
  • Effortless hair clipper
  • Sometimes slips from hands due to slim, sharp and shiny surface design


Bottom line

In general opinion I did not find much difference among best hair clipper some are affordable in price, high performer, small in size, cordless and many other features/specification includes. We tried best to sum up all the information we gathered by experiencing the hair trimmers for barbershop. Now it’s up to you how you give value to money. I suggest considering the above review and buyers guide for choosing best hair clipper for fades from over list of top picked best 7 hair clippers of 2018.

Buying Guide On Best Barber Hair Clipper

I have not seen any guy that looks handsome with of a perfect haircut, which is not possible without best hair trimmer having great features. There are many best brands in the market the manufacture Best Professional hair clippers for barbers at the cheap and affordable price but the selection of one that exactly meet your requirement is the time taking the task. We come with the solution and provides with best hair clippers of 2017. Do many people ask what are the Best Professional hair clippers for barbers? What are the best hair clippers to buy? Where can I buy professional hair clippers? How do hair clippers work? Answer is here

What are the Best Professional hair clippers for barbers?

A best here clipper is that provides ease to barber while cutting and makes a smooth cut of hairs. A  master clipping blades providing elegance, accuracy and detailing in the hair cutting.

Best professional hair clippers for barber or for personal usage do come in detachable and fixed blades design. It is only that gives maximum work satisfaction to the barber and proved best for the money giving great value. Interactive design and simple model easy to use for beginners.

The best clipper is which is equipped with the latest top of the line technology and also best for the money. It is cost efficient considered as the best budget machine. It comes with the warranty and lasts long providing reliable and durable services without getting heated in regular operation performance.

What are the best hair clippers to buy?

A man should only buy that hair clipper that best meets its requirement and do perform well in either personal or at barbers shop. Definitely, it should most affordable and equipped with excellent features. The cost you pay is not only for the cost you to buy a thing it is in short a value you get in return for a longer period of time. In short, a man only buys the ideal hair clipper after getting enough information.

Where can I buy professional hair clippers?

Best quality hair clippers can be easily bought from any departmental store having an electronic section or can get purchased from electric appliances store, factory outlets and reputed e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and other.

And if you are looking for shopping in Pakistan, then click this link for online shopping in pakistan free home delivery!

How do hair clippers work?

Pro hair clippers work using corded power sources or Rechargeable cordless sources to get start it has sharp blade jaws that are adjustable to differentiate the proper cut that a person wants, the motor provides enough power to keep it running well. It is simple to give power, On it, and place it to your head of shaving area and leave the rest to it. It will cut hairs according to your need making you look more handsome.

To pick Best barber hair clipper we have maintained a list of top 10 best rated professional hair clipper for barbers and home use. All information including their features, specification, pros, cons, and reviews are listed here in the following list. Do go through them and make your selection giving value to your money.


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