Best Handheld Steamer 2018

The importance of a Best Handheld Steamer cannot be denied when you are in travel. All of us used to travel around the globe and many time you are in areas where there are no laundry services. You need to press/stream your clothes by yourself. What did you think about best quality cordless handheld streams? In this best cloth streamer review and buyer guide, you will get a details article covering all aspects of best handheld fabric steamer. Continue reading

Best Handheld Steamer 2018

There are many best brands in the market that manufactures small portable handheld garment streamers with the latest technology. Among the best of the best available options selection of one that could prove real small portable cloth streams for you is the hard task.

Therefore we have selected top 9 best rated mini hand streamers 2018 for you from the list of top 10 best-rated steamer that is in the best budget, cheaper and affordable price. There are definitely some questions in everyone’s mind about the working, selection, price and else regarding travel cloth streamer.

Top 10 Best Handheld Steamer Comparison Chart

Product Type Rating Price
Jiffy Esteam Handheld Steamer Submersible 5/5 Check Price
Steam Genie Handheld Steamer Submersible 5/5 Check Price
Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam Utility 4.5/5 Check Price
My Little Steamer NE244 Handheld Steamer Submersible 4.5/5 Check Price
Conair GS16R Deluxe Hand Held Fabric Steamer 410 shots 4/5 Check Price
Rowenta Pro Compact IS1430 Garment Steamer 410 shots 4/5 Check Price
Steam Fast SF-432 Fabric Steamer and Iron 410 shots 4/5 Check Price
ALL IN ONE Comforday Handheld Steam 410 shots 4/5 Check Price
OXA Smart 1000W Ultra-Compact Handheld 410 shots 4/5 Check Price

The information we have provided here is totally retrieved by experiments and usage of these best electronic gadgets. Real information is 100 percent unbiased and free of cost only to support you in taking a decision for selection of best cloth streaming. List of top 9 best handheld streamer refined from top ten best steamers is provided below

1) Jiffy Esteam Handheld Steamer

Jiffy Esteam Handheld SteamerAs compares to other best steaming products like sunbeam extreme steam fabric steamer, shark clothing steamer, kazoo steam cleaner, and another portable iron steamer Jiffy Esteam Handheld Steamer is considered as a best top-rated small handheld streamer.

Made with compact fine quality plastic that gives it lighter weight-maintaining enough volume for water storage to support longer production steaming. The unit is well small to easy place inside your suitcase or traveling bag. The price, tank size, and overall product rating are higher than the other similar products of the same size.

The unit is the best handheld cloth steamer of 2018 with 600-watt power and added extra durability. The less than one minute of heating time and 15 minutes of hassle-free nonstop working by just one-time water fill is amazing. The device is universal adoptable only due to its interactive design and Europe – USA production origin.

The best hand held steamer for cloths is recommended to use in travel as it has capacity to store 8 ounce of water. Many people give it a title of most powerful handheld steamer in the world. Amazingly money and space saving product which can be place everywhere with its flat bottom design. Incredible lightweight of around 3 lbs when assembled – found most particular handheld steamer compact, durable, reliable and portable.

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  • Small interactive size
  • Long power cord for ease
  • High stream through put (thrash hold)
  • A bit cost more than other but worthy steamer


2) Steam Genie Handheld Steamer – Best Portable Fast-Heating Fabric

Steam Genie Handheld SteamerWrinkles are no more with for these picks from Best Tech Rater and Expert Stance. Standing top of the list, Steam Genie Handheld pressor gives you crease free life to get ready for your events within a short time. This most powerful, compact, best portable and low-cost steamer unit will work even in tough condition leaving no fold mark on your clothes.

It is safe easy to use and easy to transport with its lightweight elegant design. It is as beautiful as to place on the display window for adding more decoration in the home. The versatile handheld steamer can be used for fabrics such as Nylon, cotton, wool, embroidery satin, linen and more. It is also effective for tabletop covers, bed sheets, clothes, and other delicate fabrics.

Heat up time for this amazon travel steamer is less than 2 minutes and generate enough steam to penetrate well into fabric threads. Lighter weight one hand holding steamer is best for home, weddings, clothing shops and vocational or business trips. Most convenient and maintenance free unit can be purchased from or any other electric appliances store with ease.

Product Features and Specification

This corded handhold ironing machine is the best design and looks amazing in hand. It offers

Solid and movable: permit you to carry anytime everywhere you go – where you need smooth wrinkle free cloths quickly

Fast heat up: allow you to start steaming with no time

Larger Water tank: Steam Genie Steamer has large water tank producing automatic team removing worst cloth wrinkles from your clothes

100% Satisfaction: gives guaranteed customer satisfaction and high level of performance making customer trust on mini clothing steamer.

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  • Mild on fabric, abolish wrinkles
  • Medium duty handheld steamer with easy grip
  • Commercial use steamer
  • Shiny surface get dirty soon


3) Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam

Xtech Electric Easy Handheld SteamTop of the line in my reviews for compact clothes steamers. Best value Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steamer will look like a robot because of its large bottom, refill cap and handles. The most pleasure-giving part is its superior performance.

The shipment of best travel steam iron includes

Measuring cup window cleaning attachment

Funnel bristle brush

Bent spray nozzle flexible extension hose

Long spray nozzle terry cloth cover

Use manual

With the advancement of hand-held streamer technology, many products have been introduced with really shocking features at the lowest price. Xtech did not only use for iron clothes but it also uses the hot stream to provide bottomless cleaning and sanitizing with fast-growing admiration.

Being one of the top rated best handheld steam cleaners this will leave no chance to have aches & backbone pain. This powerful steamer is capable of emitting 1050 watts provide more than 20 minutes of constant running time.

The multi-function handheld steamer is specifically designed to give ultimate reliable service for the longer period of time. It can easily clean dust, grease, grime and other dirt spots from clothes, windows, curtains, doors, plumping furniture and others. Cleaning with inexpensive steamer did not require any kind of detergent or any other toxic chemical.

The unit is compact for regular usage its dimensions are 16.7 x 6.1 x 10 inches. The lighter weight of about 3 pounds and cheapest price best fit in budget make Xtech as best handheld steamer under 50.

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  • Come with many attachments
  • Multi-purpose handheld steam cleaner
  • Low cost and durable
  • Wide container


4) My Little Steamer NE244 Handheld Steamer

My Little Steamer NE244 Handheld SteamerIngenious Designs making you think like an electric kettle as it as the big water tank and inside water boiler. It is plug and plays you just need to put electric cord to the power socket and it will start producing stream without pressing any button. It has more customized nozzles for different sized fabrics, the 4-inch nozzle for regular garments and 8 inches for draperies and other heavy fabric or large items. It also includes a travel pouch for easy and safe portability.

The little deluxe steamer is made by JOY. This 900 watts supreme steamer and go mini set is best when it comes to removing crease from your interview shirt. This will look you shine with new clothes and gives handsome look making your clothes fresh. You can keep one at your and one at your office because of its sleek design and fast warming uptime.

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  • Best value handheld steamer
  • Small handy size steamer
  • 1 year of full product warranty with limited time money back warranty
  • None


5) Conair GS16R Deluxe Hand Held Fabric Steamer

Conair GS16R Deluxe Hand Held Fabric SteamerBest quality precious design electric steamer has the greatest value for gifting some more close to you. The model GS16R has the finest manufacturing and dual functionality device. This 2 in 1 handheld stuff steamer can be used as iron and as a steamer too. You will feel no hesitation while paying for this persona use steamer with many nice extras in the complete single package.

Continuous steamer function is activated by a trigger/ button. You will surprised by its performance after purchase. 1000 watt for superior performance. Conair GS16R Deluxe is equipped with Aluminium plate for iron and has variable dual temperature helpful in travel fabric brush and hand held steamer.

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  • Great value for personal use
  • Extreme low price
  • Flimsy attachments as extras


6) Rowenta Pro Compact IS1430 Garment Steamer

Rowenta Pro Compact IS1430 Garment SteamerThe unit is specifically design for home use, you can use it for remote areas but travel use of this model is not recommender it will lower its performance. The Rowenta ultra-steam handheld fabric steamer is cross between heavy duty steamers (full sized professional steamers) on casters and handy small steamer. Big water tank store more amount of water to provide long lasting constant steam supply that breach deep in fabric.

It is recommended to use while placing that unit on ground it will provide stable featuring with best accurate performance it is because top straddling handle make carting from place to place. This powerful and portable corded cloth steamer come with a lot of attachments that are crease attachment, fluffing pad, stuffing brush along with fabric brush and other tools. The cord and hose could be wrapped around the unit for neat and nice storage.

  • Best home handy steamer
  • A lot of attachments
  • Affordable price for instant heating steamer
  • Not suggested for travel use


7) Steam Fast SF-432 Fabric Steamer and Iron

Steam Fast SF-432 Fabric Steamer and IronTop Innovations is one of the leading electric appliances manufacturing Company that gives trusty products best in favor of the customer. This double responsibility electric appliance is an essential addition to your laundry gadgets.

Dual duty steamer can be used as iron and also as a steamer for fabrics. With is wall mounted design it can be hanged on the wall or placed on the table top too. Allows an easy and smooth wrinkle removing from clothes without using heavy metal iron that consumes more electricity and is unsafe to use for newbies (entry level people). You only need to hold nozzle for the accurate direction of steam.

Its steam burst kills germs and bacteria reducing dust. It takes only 45 seconds to heat up. Used 1500 watts and detachable fabric brush placed on a telescoping pole through you can adjust it to desired high for convenient working. The unit has caster for easy mobility and removable water tank for steadfast refilling. It is commercial or industrial steamer that provides 45 minutes of steam per refill. Do work well with heavy fabrics like drapers.

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  • Press pad similar as the mini ironing board
  • Come with brush and measuring cup
  • Optimum mobility with an optimistic level of performance
  • Cloth hanging hook and telescopic pole with an adjustable length
  • Can be improved a little more


8) ALL IN ONE Comforday Handheld Steam

This is another powerful handheld multi-functional handheld steamer in this blog for best electric steamer 2018 reviews and complete buyers guide. It bounces entirely natural cleaning and bacteria free washing housework. Help out to remove grease, dirt marks, dust, stains and grimes inside or outside the home. Also called as a best indoor handheld steamer with a lot of capability. Can be used in bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

This multi-function steam cleaner can also be used to clean your vehicles including cards, vans and motor bike to some extent. The best garment steamer is capable of emitting high pressure hottest stream to clean and sanitize variety of material such as carpets, fabrics or floors. Beside lighter weight it has 9 feet long power cords that allow you easy movement inside home.

Overall this ALL IN ONE Comfor-day Handheld Steam includes 9 attachment/ accessories flexible extension, round head brush, long spray nozzle, measuring cup, funnel and others. Make this steaming machine for cloths your choice and enjoy the worthy services for longer period of time.

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  • Multi-purpose steamer machine
  • Larger water reservoir
  • 9 attachment includes in 1 cheaper price package
  • Take about 2 minutes for heating up

9) OXA Smart 1000W Ultra-Compact Handheld

OXA Smart 1000W Ultra-Compact HandheldNo more needed the iron board or need to spend on hotel iron with buying OXA Smart 1000. This micro handheld steamer is your perfect travel partner. Easy refill, mini size, smart design, and fast heat-up make your fabric straight and crispy without any hassle. It comes with 2 brushes and is best for home use and travel.

The portable personal steam inhaler is bending around 45 degrees to give proper through of steam. It has sensors that auto shut down this smart electric handheld steamer when overheated or it runs out of the water. The best travel steam iron is ultra-safe and reliable which did not hurt your hands in any way. It helps users to keep their clothes updated with steam iron during travel or at home.

The well-placed button to turn ON and OFF save water and energy. Innocent and suitable weight for this best travel steam iron did not require any other supporting accessories like the iron board. Just hand of lay down your shirt or other you want to be wrinkle free, power up OXA smart and your shirt is ready to wear.

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  • New nozzle design to for batter constant spread of steam
  • Remove stubborn lines with just one overpass
  • Portable fabric steamer with 20 seconds rapid streaming
  • Get one best steamer and clean your complete wardrobe
  • 2 year of warranty
  • Indication lights
  • Small water storage area but enough anyway


Complete Buying Guide:

How to pick the best rated ideal cloth streamer?

Cloths steaming for commercial use on standing garments is a time taking the job. Thanks to the best portable handheld streamer that makes the job easy. You can make the selection of best rated smart travel cloth steamer using following tips

Weight: Portable handheld steamers should be low in weight that can be easily packed in your luggage. A best value hand streamer weighs only 1.2 lbs which means you can use it for a longer time in one turn without getting hurt.

Heating time: Time taken to heat up should be minimal as no one wants to wait. Potable garment steamer heats up in seconds take less than a minute to get ready for streaming.

Service time: When a device is heated up how long it can provide continues services of streaming? How much reliable and durable it is? These things really do matter as no one want to send again and again for the same thing.

Cordless design:  cordless interactive design that best suits your regular work without getting your hands much tired. It should also give a handsome look in your hands.

How much variation does a basic cloth streaming has?

They are available in different interactive design, type, size, color, features offered by many brands working all over the globe. You can order your custom featured product too but has many limitations. An excellent product is the only that has maximum customer satisfaction. That makes man’s job easy.

How much a popular portable steamer for clothing cost?

Cost differ in the product to product. It is not the cost you pay for the hardware it is for the complete package that you get instead and after that the value, and satisfaction you get enjoying outstanding features of portable streamer for clothes.

From where I can buy high-performance travel size fabric streamer?

You can buy them from any e-commerce store like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc. you can also buy them from electric appliances store, companies own direct selling outlets. As best cloth streamers are inexpensive so every brand tries to put some extraordinary features that attract customers to buy it. Best heavy duty streamer is also available for commercial uses.


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