Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Electric Chainsaw

The Black+Decker is the well known name in the market for a quite long period of time due its variety of products. This Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator electric chainsaw has unique design and can do easily all kind of tasks such as cutting, Pruning and trimming different objects in no time with greater ease.

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Electric Chainsaw

Products Specifications

There are many features for this LP1000 Alligator chain saw is reliable.


This LP1000 accompanies a 4.5 amp motor which runs very smoothly and does cutting and trimming job easily. Its unique design allows the consumer to cut fast with much ease.

2-Alligator like Jaws

This electric chain saw accompanies alligator jaws which gives support while cutting. The series of support grooves helps the item to be in place while it is being cut.

3-Safety Features

There are two scissors like handle which need to push inward while cutting. This gives a safe cut and ensures consumers safety. The handles are designed to handle the chainsaw easily with minimal effort.

4-Chain and Heavy Duty Chain Bar

At whatever point you’re thinking about picking an affordable device will undoubtedly be a little worried about the nature of the item. It’s not an issue with Black+Decker LP1000 chainsaw. It’s a quality item at the cost, and the chain bar and the chain are both made of steel and last long.

5-Excellent For Smaller Cuts

As we already suggested, it’s not a smart thought to attempt and utilize this machine for heavy duty tasks. The length of the jaws is just 4.5 inches, so for bigger bits of wood you likely wouldn’t able to get a grip. It may be a smart thought to have this saw and in addition a conventional cutting tool, contingent upon the kind of occupation you will do on any given day. On the off chance that owning two distinct saws isn’t generally a possibility for you, it may be smarter to search for a conventional chainsaw with larger blade.

Key Points

  • Alligator like jaws
  • Series of supporting grooves
  • Jaws give firm grip and doesn’t slip
  • Quite in operation
  • Excellent for doing small tasks


  • Can cut 4 inches in diameter
  • Easy to adjust chain
  • 5 amp powerful motor
  • Chain can be remove quickly
  • Alligator like jaws give limited cut
  • Not good for heavy duty tasks


Despite couple of drawbacks the Black+Decker turned out strong. The unique alligator like jaws, supporting grooves and sharp blade makes it reliable. These features are truly excellent.

We highly recommend this product!


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