DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless chainsaw is a quality product from DEWALT and comes with all features for what a consumer is looking for. It is a bare tool with a strong and efficient brushless motor.


It comes with 12-inch long low-kickback Oregon bar, tool-less chain tensioning system, and knob for bar tightening. The 20V compact electric chainsaw is a bare tool (Neither battery nor charger). It is specifically designed for doing heavyweight tasks such as construction and outdoor applications.

Product Specifications


The DEWALT DCCS620 weighs only 7.6 pounds and can be handled easily with its long rare handle. The 12 inches long Oregon kickback bar and chain are optimal for construction and outdoor working applications. The OREGON bar and chain are likewise consequently oiled and accompanies guiding bar to protect the blade when not in use.

2-Brush-less Motor

DEWALT DCCS620B accompanies a brushless motor which makes it optimal because the running time and power of a brushless motor are higher than those with a brush.


The DEWALT DSSC620 is also coming 20V lithium-ion battery. The DEWALT 20V chainsaw is modeled as DSSC620. When it is purchased with a battery it would be DSSC620P1 and if it is purchased as bare tool DSSC620B.

4-Tool-less Chain Tensioning Feature

The DCCS620 unit additionally has a tool-less chain tensioning component with a bar tightening handle for proper bar clamping force.

Key Points

  • Wide range cutting capability
  • DEWALT DCB205 5 amp battery (battery is not included in the package).
  • Tool-less chain tensioning feature for quick adjustments.
  • 12-inch low kickback Oregon bar.
  • Brushless motor which prolongs motor life and maximizes run time.
  • Efficient for doing a heavy-weight task.
  • Could be handled easily with 12 inch rare handle


  • Light weight (7.6 lbs without battery and 8.8 with battery)
  • Comes with complete user manual
  • Cordless and ideal for outdoor tasks
  • Bare tool (No battery and charger included)
  • Battery should be purchased separately


Despite couple of drawbacks the DEWALT DSSC620 compact cordless turned out to be the strong. Many features like lightweight, 12 inch easy to grip handle, low kick back Oregon bar and capability for doing heavy duty tasks makes it remarkable.

We highly recommend this product!


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