No need to spend money anymore to get free TV. Indoor digital antenna are cheap in price and let you to watch tv programs with your current tv for FREE.


The question which arises that which antenna should I buy?

Different variety of tv antenna is available in the market. By narrowing your requirements you could pick the best one.

1-Winegard FlateWave FL-5000

The Winegard FlateWave Fl-5000 is a competitve option for digital entertainment.  It has a modest design and offer the strongest signal reception.

It’s specifically designed to pick signals from towers broadcasting 35 miles away. It accompanies a 15-inch coaxial cable, enabling you to position the antenna from different ideal location. Additionally, there’s no assembly required simply plug and start searching for the signal.

Key Features

  • Strongest signal reception
  • 15-inch coaxial cable
  • No assembly required

2-SKYTV Amplified Indoor Digital TV Antenna (50 Mile Range)

The Skytv Digital TV Indoor Antenna offers fantastic picture quality (1080p) with more than 50 mile picture quality. Skytv offers access to free channels including news, sitcoms, weather, kids stuff and some more. It also filter cell and FM signals that could lessen picture quality.

Key Features

  • Buit-in filter for cellular and FM signals
  • Ranges more than 50 miles
  • Made of aluminium foil
  • Consistent performer

3-Winegard FlateWave Amplfied FL-5500

This FlateWave FL-5500 is just like the FL-5000 model, only it include the signal amplifier which broaden the reception upto 50 miles. The FlatWave Amplified includes Clear Circuit Technology, which helps cut out undesirable signal interruptions from FM and cell, ensuring the best reception at long distances.

Key Features

  • 18-feet long coaxial cable
  • USB power supply
  • Built-in filter for FM and cellular signals
  • Signal amplifier

4-Mohu Curve TV Antenna (30 mile)

This Mohu Curve TV antenna offers an exquisite, curved design that looks smooth and modern. This antenna offer 30 mile signals reception. It additionally accompanies a 10-foot coaxial cable. It is easy to install: All you have to do is connect it to and start hunting down a perfect signal location.

Key Feature

  • Classy look
  • Easy to install
  • 10-feet long coaxial cable
  • Cheap in price

5- 1 Byone Amplified indoor TV Antenna

1byone is a dark, flat, rectangular antenna of size 13.25 x 9.25 inches, with the help of two adhesive pads it can be stuck easily on wall or window. It accompanies 10-feet long coaxial cable, which gives you enough moving space to set the recieving wire to get a appropriate signal.


Key Features

  • Easy to set-up
  • Moderate price
  • Could be hang anywhere
  • 10-feet long coaxial cable.


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