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Manicure and Pedicure Accessories at HSN

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Accessoires de manucure et de pédicure help keep your nails, cuticles and hands healthy. Shop HSN for a variety of sets that include nail clippers, sanding sticks and other essential tools to give your nails the perfect manicure and pedicure.

Get a professional manicure set that comes with a leather carrying case for easy storage and travel. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode.

Cuticle Remover

A cuticle remover helps keep nails looking neat and healthy. It works by softening the skin around your nail beds and making it easier to push back cuticles. The best cuticle removers are gentle, non-acidic, and fast-acting so they don’t damage the nail or skin around it.

When selecting a product, look for one that is easy to use and has an applicator for added convenience. It is also important to check the packaging for instructions on how long to leave it on, as this will vary between products.

This product is a professional grade cuticle remover that comes with an applicator tip and a brush for easy application. It is formulated with a variety of top-quality ingredients to nourish the nail and skin. It also contains lanolin, which has moisturizing properties and high water absorption capability. It also helps prevent dry, cracked, and flaky nails. It is safe for all nail types. This product is a must-have for any manicure or pedicure.

Foot Scrub

Foot scrub removes dry, dead skin on the feet and heels. This helps prevent cracking and peeling of the skin on the feet. It also allows for a smoother application of nail polish.

Scrubs contain granulated ingredients that work effortlessly to loosen and remove dead skin. They are gentle enough to use on all skin types and can be combined with a foot massage for an ultimate treatment.

If you choose a natural or organic foot scrub, it’s important to know that the essential oils used can be very healing for the skin. For example, eucalyptus oil has antifungal properties and can beat fungal infections like a pro! Lavender and peppermint are also effective. Peppermint relieves aches and pains while lavender promotes cell regeneration and boosts circulation (8).

To make a homemade foot scrub, mix equal parts salt and coconut or olive oil with peppermint or rosemary essential oil. Apply the mixture to your feet and massage gently for about 10 minutes. Rinse and moisturize your skin afterward (7).

Cotton Towels

Keeping a full supply of cotton towels on hand is one of the most important salon supplies for nail care. Cotton towels are absorbent, soft and easy to sanitize.

When looking for high-quality cotton towels, choose 100% pima cotton over cotton blends. PIMA cotton fibers are longer than regular cotton, which gives them more strength and softness. Towels should also be made with looped terry rather than sheared, and avoid decorative trims that will wear out faster.

You can also opt for organic cotton towels. Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), they are grown without pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals. These towels perform just as well as non-organic ones, but offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

Nail Polish

Nail polish is a cosmetic product that is applied to the nails to decorate them and protect them. It is made from a mix of an organic polymer, like nitrocellulose, and various other ingredients. Pigments are used to give the polish colors. These can be inorganic, such as chromium oxide for greens, or organic compounds, such as mica and natural pearls. Stabilizers are also used to prevent the polish from fading.

Getting regular manicures and pedicures helps to keep the skin on your hands and feet healthy. This is because it gets rid of the dead skin cells that build up and encourages new nail cell growth. This is important as nails can be a window into your overall health.

During a manicure or pedicure, the technician will not only trim and shape the nails but also buff them to make them look shiny. This makes the nails more appealing to the eye and gives them a more professional look.

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