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Men’s Socks and Sandals Reveal a Once-Taboo Fashion Trend

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Men, it’s time to reconsider a once-taboo fashion trend: socks and sandals. These stylish combos have captivated street style stars and runway models alike, and are a fun way to add some flair to casual ‘fits.

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The history of the sock

Before socks, people wrapped their feet in cloth. That’s not the most pleasant-looking fashion choice but it served its purpose well – keeping feet warm, dry and away from gnats and other insects that loved to nibble on bare skin.

The first actual socks were stitched up around 300 – 500 A.D. in Ancient Egypt using a technique called nalebinding, similar to weaving but more time-consuming. The result was a pair of bright red socks found in a burial ground on the Nile that are now displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

At that time, socks were mainly worn as practical garments, especially since trousers weren’t as long back then as they are now. By the 16th Century, however, noblemen were showing far more leg than their female counterparts and wearing fun socks became a sign of wealth.

It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that the world of socks really hit warp (and weft) speed. In 1817, English reverend William Lee created the knitting loom making it far easier to make knit fabric. His invention quickly caught on with many factories churning out socks in a wide range of colors and patterns.

By the 1920s, women’s fashion trends were changing and it was no longer taboo for ladies to show off their legs. Socks were now rolled down below the knee and silk stockings were all the rage. They were also great for covering up leg hair and making a sexy style statement.

The modern sock

In the modern sock, bold prints and unique materials have made it possible for socks to become an expression of one’s own style. They can be a statement piece, or they can simply add comfort to the wearer’s feet.

The most significant development in sock history was the introduction of nylon in 1938. Before that, cotton and wool were the most common materials used for socks. Today, there are a wide variety of blends to choose from including silk and bamboo.

Many sock manufacturers focus on quality over quantity, producing high-performance socks that are both stylish and comfortable. Merino wool, for example, is both soft and durable, making it an ideal material for hiking socks. Another popular option is SmartWool’s Phd hiker socks, which are padded for extra warmth and have a sandwich knit that puts wool on the inside and outside of the sock.

Socks have long been a staple of fashion and culture, so it’s no wonder that there are sock-themed museums all over the world. Socks have the power to tell stories of different cultures and time periods, which is why they’re often displayed in dedicated exhibitions and archives. They’re also a great gift for any occasion and can be customized to match the hobbies of whoever you’re shopping for. You can even find a sock subscription service that will send a pair of socks each month to someone special.

The king of socks

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