The RM1425 limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch has been specifically designed for doing all those small tasks around your house. This lightweight chainsaw will help you do tasks such as disposing of dead limbs, pruning trees and trimming hedges.


This Remington RM1425 is not specifically designed for commercial tasks such as falling trees, cutting beams and other heavyweight tasks like this. It’s a lightweight product and can’t be used for long periods consistently.

Product Specifications


The saw goes with a chain and 14″ MTD bar. The chain pitch (joins distance) is 3/8″ and the gage thickness is 0.05″. These are quite standard measurements mentioned on many products to provide a good balance while using.

2-Safety Features

The low kickback chain and a firm grip on the rare handle ensure your safety.  Low kickback doesn’t mean the kickback never occurs. Extra safety is needed for the sharpen blade

Before using the device makes sure the chain is tightened and read the instruction carefully.


This electric chainsaw is lightweight and made up hard plastic. It’s not as durable as metals chainsaw so extra care is needed.

A 6-inch long power cord is attached to the rare handle. The control lockdown and hand safety guard is located on this handle which ensures the consumer’s safety.

4-Motor Type

The RM1425 accompanies an 8 Amp Motor which is powerful enough to generate 1.3 brake horsepowers. The motor is quite in operation so it never disturbs your surroundings.

Key Points

  • Product dimensions 28 x 7 x 8 inch
  • Front and rare handle guard to protect your hand
  • Chain catcher if the chain breaks while operation and ensure safety
  • Low kickback saw
  • 44 ml oil chamber


  • Lightweight (6 lbs)
  • Cheap in price
  • Easy to use
  • Quite in operation
  • Completely assembled
  • Chain tension needs to checked regularly
  • Oil leakage problem


Despite couple of drawbacks the Remington RM1425 is turned out solid. It’s not designed for heavy duty tasks but optimal for doing light duty tasks. The safety features, lightweight, excellent look and low kickback saw makes it optimal for use.

We highly recommend this product!


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