Steam Fast fabric steamer and iron SF-432
Steam Fast fabric steamer and iron SF-432

Removing wrinkles out of the clothes have never been this easy with this resourceful product. It is a steamer as well as an iron at the same time. The best thing about Steam Fast fabric steamer and iron SF-432 that it is wall mounted or it can be placed at a table-top so what you carrying always while working is just the nozzle which makes working very easier. It takes very less time to work and work in a very professional way. It has a large tank of water with the capacity of 32 ounce, with this capacity it works continuously for 75 minutes. Refilling and removing water is quite easy form front. With a quick touch you have you clothes freshen up and without any wrinkles and if you want crisp creases on your clothes, iron plates will help you out.

Specification of Steam Fast fabric steamer and iron SF-432 are as following that make it your only choice

  • Efficient motor quick working
  • Large water tank
  • Wall mounted or table top use
  • Compact size
  • Light weight easy to carry
  • Fabric brush and measuring cup attachments are present
  • Energy, time and price efficient
  • Works well with tap water
  • Double heater system

This an advanced way to get rid of the wrinkles on clothes. Due to its compact size it is a space saver it takes very less space on wall if mounted and also it can be kept in a small space. Steam Fast fabric steamer and iron SF-432 uses only 800 watts to work properly it save much of your electricity bill as compared to other steamers or irons. Once you started working with it you wanted to use your old traditional presses again due to its impressive work ability. A very remarkable feature of it is the cleaning system it has, this system eliminates minerals that build up due to the use of tap water, so using of tap water is now not an issue.

  • Space saver
  • Energy efficient
  • Light weighted
  • No distilled water using caution
  • Easy to use
  • None


The Steam Fast fabric steamer and iron model No.SF-432 – Best Portable Fast-Heating Fabric is an excellent performer and quite durable.  No doubt, it gives good value for money. Quite easy to use and efficient.

Highly recommend…!


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