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The Best Curly Hair Salon Melbourne

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Anyone with curly, wavy or textured hair knows that finding a hairdresser who really understands your mane can be a struggle. That’s why we rounded up the best curl friendly salons around!

Clients of Ginger and Curls rave about Lisa’s amazing knowledge when it comes to curls. She offers a dry cut that cuts each curl individually and sells salon quality, curly girl friendly Everescents products.
Aoki Hair

Anyone with curly, wavy or textured hair knows how challenging it can be to find a salon that can handle your mane. Luckily, there are many Gina approved salons that specialise in curly and textured hair.

At Aoki Hair, clients come in to celebrate their curls. Jenni has clients who travel from far and wide to get her curly magic, and she really understands the needs of her clients.
Wenz Hair

Wrenn is an expert in all aspects of curls, textured and natural hair. She specialises in a deconstructed dry cutting method, which creates shapes that compliment an individual’s curl type, personal features and personality. She also offers education on embracing your curls and how to maintain them between salon visits.

Gippsland curlies, this salon is for you! This home based salon is committed to creating gorgeous hair in a warm, friendly environment. They use only curly and textured hair friendly products, including Milkshake colours.
Ginger and Curls

Ginger is not only a delicious and versatile ingredient, but it has a whole host of benefits for your hair. It kills the fungus that causes dandruff, prevents itchiness and balances the oils in your scalp.

Neel Morley and her team at Ginger and Curls are masters of curl transformations, transforming unruly kinks into envy-inducing ringlets. Book an appointment and be prepared to walk away with a head full of knowledge on how to care for your curls.
Curly and Co Hair

Located just a block from Washington Heights, Miss Rizos is an all-inclusive salon for curls. Founded by creator Carolina Contreras (aka “Miss Rizos”), the salon has gained a reputation for its educational approach to hair care, leaving customers with a strong understanding of how to manage their curls at home.

Renowned for its precision cutting and innovative styling techniques, Cutler Salon is a true gem in the NYC hair world. They offer a range of services for curly and textured hair, including transformative haircuts, stunning color transformations, and expert maintenance advice.
Yeah The Curls

Kimberley established Yeah The Curls in 2019 because she felt that the hairdressing industry needed to have a more holistic approach to wavy and curly hair. She also believes that stylists need to learn how to cut curls in a deconstructed way.

Her clients say she’s a ‘curl whisperer’ and knows all the tricks to shape and hydrate curls at their best. You can even attend a course with her and learn her exact method for shaping curls yourself.
Mousey Brown

A home based salon with curly hair expertise, Studio Hi Gorgeous has earned a reputation for prioritising customer service. This includes listening to their clients and teaching them how to care for their curls between salon appointments.

Embrace your curls at this Gippsland salon, which has a team of two curl specialists. They both love their textured locks and use a deconstructed method of dry cutting to create shapes that compliment an individual’s unique curl type and lifestyle needs.

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