The Wahl is a well known brand across the market for making top line shavers and hair trimmers. In this article I am reviewing Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper #79600-2101. Looking for the best product? Then it is recommended to read the full article, I am pretty sure this information will help you a lot for making a correct decision.

Product Overview

This Wahl accompanies guide comb which make it enough versatile to be used for variety of tasks. Include right and left ear tapers with ear and eyebrow trimming guide. And clipper guard for the sake of safety.

Lithium Ion Battery

This unit includes a lithium ion battery which is powerful and makes it capable for being used for an hour and take almost two hours to charge up completely. You can likewise charge enough for one cut with only 15 minutes of charge using the quick cut feature. No doubt, the dead battery irritates you a lot when are about to finish the job! Due to this reason I adore the quick charge feature very much.

The trimmer that comes free keeps running on 1 AA battery, and is convenient for cleaning up the edges, or as an emergency shaver. As it is cordless, it gives you more convenience while working. At the end the LED light indicates you when the battery is charging.


This Wahl 79600-2101 has a sleek design. It is easy to fit in bag with its elegant and sturdy looking shape. It weighs only 2 lbs and quite effect in operation. The only drawback is that it is little bit difficult to clean.


This Wahl product is very versatile and can be used for plenty of jobs.

  • Regular hairs as well as longer hairs
  • Good for beard grooming
  • Not heavy in weight
  • 40% faster in operation


This unit is fully equipped with features it includes a lithium ion battery which charge up quickly and offer more running time than most of the other product available in market. Also the quick charge feature makes it reliable. It accompanies precision blades with self-sharpening feature.

  • Really impressive in operation
  • Medium-weight unit
  • Faster in work
  • Cordless feature makes it versatile
  • Lithium ion battery charge quickly
  • Little bit difficult to clean
  • Little expensive in price than others


This Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Pro Cordless Clipper is an amazing product and fully equipped with numerous useful features. It comes with lot of accessories and everything is safely packed inside a special soft case. It gives good value for money. It is highly recommended of you are looking for a good cordless trimmer.


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