A Guide to Men’s Underwear

Whether it’s a fresh boxer brief or a snug thong, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of new underwear. The firm stretch of the fabric, taught over your skin, and the gentle thwack of the waistband are all part of the experience.

Men’s underwear has moved beyond a functional garment to something that is also considered fashionable and sexy. There are many options on the market today, and each style offers its own unique qualities.


The g-string is a form of men’s underwear that covers the front area of the manhood. This type of panty can also be referred to as Brazilian briefs, a v-string, cheeky pants or party pants. It is a very popular choice for women and men who prefer a less-exotic style of underwear.

The string running up the backside of this lingerie can be made from various materials such as silk, lace or satin. This minimally-covering underwear is very comfortable to wear and can be worn underneath almost any outfit. The g-string also prevents the vertical panty lines that can be created by other underwear when worn with skinny jeans or trousers.

If you are considering getting a pair of g-strings, it is important to find one that fits well and feels soft on your skin. At Boody, we offer a range of styles that use our luxurious bamboo viscose fabric that is both planet-friendly and impossibly soft on your privates.


A polarizing undergarment, the thong tends to invoke one of two feelings: complete and utter dislike or an unwavering shout it from the rooftops kind of devotion. It’s all a matter of preference, and as long as you choose the right fit, fabric, and style, it’s completely fine.

There are a few different types of thongs that can be more traditional or a bit skimpy. There are front thongs with a thin strip of fabric in the front that runs between the labia and lingerie thongs with lace, silk or satin to give you that extra bit of titillation.

Thongs are a great option for men who want to add an extra bit of sexiness or want something that will stay hidden under tight clothing like slim-fit jeans. Cotton thongs are known for their skin-friendly, breathability features while lace and silk thongs provide a little more coverage to accentuate your physique. You can also find a whole range of thong sets featuring matching bras, panties and garters or stockings for that perfectly coordinated look.

Boxer Brief

If you’re a guy with a heftier build, these are the best underwear for you. Made from stretch fabric (usually cotton or a silkier cousin like modal with a bit of elastane) that hugs your butt and package without pinching, they offer full coverage that won’t bunch. They also sit lower on the hips and work well to accentuate a flat stomach.

This newer style is a great middle ground between the open fly of boxers and the closed pouch of briefs. They come in a range of colors and patterns, and they’re designed to stay snug all day. They’re also breathable, which prevents chaffing (a skin condition that results from your underwear constantly rubbing against your legs). Plus, Uniqlo says their Airism line has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry.

Bikini Cut

Whether you’re looking for an extra boost or some modesty, the bikini cut is your go-to. This style sits low on the hips in the front and back and offers more coverage than a thong or micro bikini bottom.

Originally used in swimwear, this time-honored favorite is now a staple for everyday underwear. They’re perfect for hot days when you don’t want to wear anything that will stick to your skin or feel clingy.

Eva Longoria recently sported a black bikini set featuring tie-side bikini bottoms with a classic triangle bikini top and matching bralette that featured teeny tiny triangle cut-outs along the edges of each cup. She paired it with black oversized sunglasses and a floppy brimmed straw hat to complete her sunny day look. This bikini cut offers great support and modesty for athletic activities like biking or playing volleyball. It also provides a comfortable fit while you’re sitting at the beach or swimming in the’s bamboo underwear

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