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Gmail vs Hotmail: Fully Detailed Comparison

Gmail and Hotmail are two of the most popular email providers on the market. Both offer a variety of features and benefits, but which one is right for you? Here’s a look at Gmail vs Hotmail to help you decide.

Gmail has over 1 billion users and is the world’s largest email provider. It offers a variety of features, including 15GB of storage, security features, and an easy-to-use interface.

Hotmail has over 500 million users and is one of the oldest email providers. It offers a variety of features as well, including 10GB of storage, security features, and an easy-to-use interface.

So, which one should you choose? If you’re looking for the most popular option with a variety of features, Gmail is the way to go.

Gmail vs. Hotmail: Side-by-Side Comparison

Gmail vs. Hotmail Side-by-Side Comparison: Which One Comes Out on Top?

If you’re trying to decide between Gmail and Hotmail, this side-by-side comparison will help you make the best choice for your needs. Both email providers offer a variety of features, but they differ in some key areas.

Here’s a look at how Gmail and Hotmail stack up when it comes to important factors like security, storage, and user interface.

When it comes to security, Gmail is the clear winner. It offers two-factor authentication and encrypted connections, while Hotmail only provides the latter. Gmail also does a better job of filtering out spam messages.

Storage is another area where Gmail surpasses Hotmail. Each user gets 15 GB of free storage space with Gmail, while Hotmail only offers 5 GB.

Gmail vs. Hotmail: Must-Know Facts

When it comes to email providers, there are two that stand out above the rest: Gmail and Hotmail. Both have their pros & cons, but which one is right for you? Here are some must-know facts about Gmail and Hotmail so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Gmail has over 1 billion active users worldwide, while Hotmail has around 360 million. Gmail is a bit more user-friendly than Hotmail, with a cleaner interface and more features.

However, Hotmail does offer a few unique features, such as the ability to schedule emails and set up message rules.

Gmail is better at handling attachments than Hotmail, allowing you to preview attachments without having to download them first. Hotmail also offers 1 TB of storage space per account, while Gmail only offers 15 GB.

So which one should you choose?

History of Hotmail

Hotmail was one of the first web-mail services on the internet. It was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 for $400 million. The service was renamed to in 2013.

The service quickly grew in popularity, with over 8 million users within 18 months of its launch.

In 1997, Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft for $400 million. The service continued to grow under Microsoft, reaching over 100 million users by 2001. In 2013, the service was renamed to as part of a rebranding effort by Microsoft.

Hotmail Replaced with Outlook

Hotmail, the once-ubiquitous email service, has been officially replaced by Outlook. The change comes as part of Microsoft’s rebranding effort to unify its various web services under the Outlook name.

While Hotmail will still technically exist for the foreseeable future, Microsoft has begun redirecting users to the new interface. The company has also announced that Hotmail users will be able to keep their email addresses, but it is encouraging them to switch to the address.

The move signals a shift in Microsoft’s strategy for its web services. Where Hotmail was once a standalone product, it is now being integrated into the broader Outlook ecosystem. This unification should make it easier for users to access their email, calendar, and contacts from any device or platform.

Gmail: Hotmail’s Biggest Competitor

Gmail and Hotmail are two of the most popular email providers in the world. While Hotmail has been around longer, Gmail has quickly become its biggest competitor. Here’s a look at why Gmail is giving Hotmail a run for its money:

Gmail offers more storage than Hotmail. While Hotmail offers 2 GB of storage, Gmail gives users 5 GB of storage for free. This is a big selling point for users who need to store a lot of emails.

Gmail also offers better security features than Hotmail. With Gmail, users can enable two-step verification, which adds an extra layer of security to their account. This is a great feature for those who are concerned about their account being hacked.

Finally, Gmail has better search features than Hotmail.

Hotmail vs Gmail: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to choosing an email service, there are many options available. However, two of the most popular services are Hotmail and Gmail. So, which one is better?

Hotmail was one of the first web-based email services and it has been around since 1996. It is a free service that is owned by Microsoft. One of the benefits of using Hotmail is that it can be integrated with other Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and Skype.

Another advantage is that Hotmail offers a variety of features, such as the ability to create multiple email addresses and use filters to organize your inbox. However, one downside of Hotmail is that it tends to load slowly and can be difficult to use on mobile devices.

Gmail is a email service that was launched by Google in 2004.

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