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How to Make a Girl’s Stitch Jumper

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A fun clothing item for kids, jumpers can be made with just a few simple pattern pieces. In this video, Holly shows you how to make a reversible jumper that features pockets and bias binding.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make the Pull Stitch fille for a little girl.

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Girls love jumpers, and this downloadable pattern by Holly Willis makes it easy to make a fun, reversible, button-up style for your young girl. The downloadable pattern includes simple front and back pattern pieces that you can cut from fabric of your choice, along with pocket pieces and strips for bias binding. Once the pattern pieces are cut, you’ll follow a step-by-step sewing tutorial to create this cute and comfy jumper. Learn how to line up the pattern pieces and stitch them together, and use topstitching, hemming and cute buttons for finishing touches. This jumper works well in corduroy, but you can also choose from a variety of lighter-weight fabrics to suit your budget and style.

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Learn how to sew a girl’s reversible jumper in this easy-to-follow pattern by Holly Willis. With just a few simple pieces, this jumper is perfect for beginners. From cutting out the front and back outer and lining pieces to stitching them together, Holly walks you through each step of the process in detail. She also shows how to add pocket pieces and bias binding and provides tips for making the jumper reversible. She finishes the tutorial with a few finishing techniques, including topstitching, hemming and buttonholes. She also covers the importance of washing and using a pilling comb to keep your knitwear bobble-free for life.

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Jumpers are a fun, casual garment for kids, and this easy-to-make pattern from Holly Willis makes one sized 4/5. This downloadable pattern includes front and back outer and lining pieces, along with pocket pieces, bias binding strips, and instructions on making the jumper reversible, which is a great way to dress up your child’s wardrobe. After the jumper’s pattern pieces are cut out, Holly shows how to sew it together, including stitching in the ditch, topstitching, and hemming. She also explains the benefits of edge stitching and demonstrates how to use an edge stitching foot on your sewing machine. Once the jumper is finished, she adds other finishing touches and demonstrates how to make cute buttons.

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