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MK Bag For Sale – Big-Time Biannual Savings on Handbags, Wallets and Accessories

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You’ll find big-time biannual savings on handbags, wallets and accessories during the MK bag sale. These styles will sell out quickly, though, so be sure to act fast.

To ensure you’re getting a real MK bag, look for the following signs:
The Purse Liner

The relaxed downtown sister to the uptown main line, diffusion brand MICHAEL Michael Kors effortlessly interprets timeless glamour. Founded in New York in 1981, the brand has since garnered a cult-following for its smooth textures and relaxed silhouettes. Find your perfect match among the range of purses, from the ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote with gold-tone MK logo medallion to the ‘Ginny’ cross-body bag in soft pastel hues.

Lining your purse can make it feel more complete and professional. Use a thicker fabric, such as structured cotton, hemp, linen, or eco-leather. Alternatively, choose a brightly colored fabric for a fun and exciting look. Sew around the perimeter of the side linings and bottom of the main section to attach them. Pin and stitch top of lining down to the top of the bag using a 1/2” seam allowance.
The Zipper

The Zipper, with its oblong boom and 12 cars crammed into it, has been a mainstay of the CNE for decades. It has a cult following and is often named as one of the strangest amusement rides in the world by various publications.

It was invented in 1968 by Joseph Brown under Chance Rides and is a popular carnival ride worldwide. While it is not as wild as some other rides, it is noted for its strong vertical G-forces and numerous spins. It also has a reputation for being rough, with cabin doors sometimes coming unlatched.

Although Whitcomb Judson invented what is now called a zipper, he didn’t make much money from it. His clasp locker was a lot like hook and eye fasteners, but more similar to modern zippers is what he later filed another patent for: a chain with male coupling parts that engage with female parts on other chains to form the familiar interlocking teeth.
The Hardware

The hardware used in authentic Michael Kors purses should feel heavy and substantial. The logo hardware should have sharp, clean edges and be perfectly centered. The ring emblem around the circle logo should have distinct M and K letters that are not blurry or distorted. Some of the newer purse designs also use a crisscross pattern with the name Michael Kors instead of just a circle logo dangler.

The lining fabric for the interior zipper pockets in genuine MK bags are printed consistently with the same color as the back of the purse lining. The fabric on fakes often has heavy shading or is two pieces slapped together. If you open or close the zipper on an original, the structure of the bag will remain rigid. A fake will gape wide open. Pay attention to the way the zipper ends: authentic MK zippers usually end before a leather tab, while fakes tuck into it.MK bag for sale

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