Permitting and Financing for ADU Builds in Eugene Oregon

Homeowners who want to build a secondary dwelling unit on their property face several challenges, including permitting and financing. But these hurdles can be overcome with the help of a knowledgeable contractor and adherence to local laws and building codes.

For example, in Oregon, you’ll need a building permit to convert attics or garages into a living space like an ADU. And you may also need permits for electrical, plumbing or mechanical work. Additionally, a lot of communities offer incentives for homeowners who choose to build an ADU on their property. For instance, Portland waives system development fees for ADUs if the owner commits to use it as a primary residence and refrains from short-term rental.

Some municipalities even have design assistance programs for ADUs and other types of green-built homes. This helps ease the permit process and encourages builders to incorporate sustainable features.

ADUs can be a game-changer for people looking to lower their environmental impact. They can be built on the same site as the primary home or in a separate location on the property. Moreover, they can be used for a wide range of purposes, including living, dining and office space.

To help address Eugene’s housing crisis, the city has recently introduced a new program that offers a variety of pre-approved ADU plans. This is a welcome move as it will streamline the permitting process and make it more affordable. Nevertheless, more steps should be taken to remove restrictions that limit the construction of ADUs.adu builds Eugene Oregon

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