Portable Water Pumps

Water pumps are essential tools for a variety of projects, including irrigation and firefighting. They are often powered by electric motors for convenience and portability.

Getting the best portable water pump requires considering factors like power, fuel source, and intended usage. In addition, some pump types are better suited for specific environments.
DuroMax XP650WP

DuroMax is a smooth running, easy starting, long lasting pump. The powerful 208cc air-cooled OHV gasoline engine will move lots of volume quickly, capable of emptying a pool in just about 3 hours. Professional grade cast-iron impeller and volute help maximize pump life. Easily drain a basement, pump out a flooded trench, fill or empty water storage tanks, irrigate fields and more. Designed for easy use, with an EZ-Pull recoil start system that eliminates multiple pulls to get the engine started.

This semi-trash pump is the ultimate choice when it comes to transferring large volumes of water and de-watering flooded areas. The workhorse 208cc engine will power through a tough day’s work. It can tackle solids or debris up to 1/4″ in diameter, making it perfect for jobsites or farm/agricultural applications. Includes intake hose end strainer, threaded hose connectors, tool kit with spark plug wrench and owner’s manual. EPA and CARB approved.
GETMAX New 2023 Premium Patented Portable Water Pump Dispenser

Featuring a rechargeable battery, this portable water pump dispenser lets you select your drinking preference: cold, room temperature or hot. It is suitable for clean bottled drinking water and features an odorless food-grade silicone hose and stainless steel construction that prevents BPA and other toxic chemicals from leaching into your drinking water.

It is a bottom-loading water bottle pump that eliminates the hassle of lifting heavy bottles up high and dispenses the water quickly. It also offers adjustable water flow settings and a child safety lock to ensure maximum safety. It is an ideal choice for camping trips, hikes, children’s athletic activities and beach days.

This self-priming transfer pump is suitable for various applications, including removing water from aquariums and flooded basements. It is lightweight, compact and has a long power cord to make it easy to conceal and use. Its ultra-quiet operation ensures a peaceful environment and it is compatible with most electric drills.
Self-Priming Transfer Pump

Designed to remove air and ensure optimal performance without needing any manual intervention, these self-priming transfer pumps are often utilized in industrial applications and in the oil and gas industry. In fact, they can even handle liquids that contain entrained gases thanks to their ability to vent suction lines when pumping.

Self-priming pumps are also ideal for shear sensitive products like lubricants, diesel fuel and chemical solutions. They are able to pump shear-sensitive materials because they have tight manufacturing tolerances and unique impeller design.

These pumps are easy to maintain, unlike a submersible pump that requires confined space training to be maintained. They require the casing to be filled with liquid prior to startup, and all suction lines should be checked for air leaks that can prevent it from evacuating. In addition, it is important that the unit does not vibrate excessively and that all noises are normal. Otherwise, the unit may heat up beyond its operating temperature.
Maruyama Compact Water Pump

The Maruyama MSD41 is a 3/4 direct drive piston pump that provides an awesome amount of power and reliability for heavy duty commercial use. This pump is ideal for lawn care, agriculture, pest control, golf course irrigation, sanitation, parks & recreation and tree spraying.

The MSD41 has no internal chemicals and is ready to go out of the box. It does require some maintenance to prevent powdered products from working behind the seals, but that’s an easy task with regular flushing of the tank with clean water.

If using a pump without self-priming function, it is necessary to fill the pump cavity with water in advance before starting it for the first time. This will avoid overheating the motor winding insulation and burning out the pump motor. It is also important not to repeatedly start and stop the pump motor, as it will shorten the life of the motor.

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