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Steampunk Goggles

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steampunk goggles on head are a great way to pull together an outfit and add an extra touch of character. They are a fun accessory to wear at Halloween, EDM concerts or Burning Man events, and can even be used as a costume cosplay piece!

Goggles were also a popular accessory during the Victorian era. They were worn to protect the eyes from a variety of hazards such as sparks, smoke and flying particles.

Victorian Compass Goggles

Whether you’re a cosplayer, LARPer, costumer, raver or a true fan of the steampunk genre, a pair of goggles is an essential part of any outfit. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, ensuring you’ll find the perfect set for your next glitzy night out on the town.

The Victorian Compass Goggles are a definite must have for any steampunk enthusiast, thanks to their impressive design and function. With double magnifying eye loupes and a stunning emerald green lens to boot, they’ll definitely help you see in style.

These tidbits of wisdom are crafted from sturdy plastic & PVC and feature a secure fit that won’t slip off in the middle of the action. They also come with a nifty blacklight and UV glow light to make sure you’re the envy of all your fellow steemposteroids. Be sure to check out desertcart for the best in steampunk glasses and other dazzling accessories.

Crystal Prism Goggles

The Crystal Prism Goggles are a great way to create a truly immersive visual experience. They are perfect for firework shows, Christmas lights, carnivals, music festivals and more!

You can also use them to re-enforce lessons on the reflection and refraction of light. This can be particularly useful for a child’s classroom or for anyone who is learning about science.

These glasses have the ability to let you see a TV or book that’s at a 90 degree angle towards your feet, and they can even help you with double vision (diplopia). This makes them ideal for people who are in bed and would like to read or watch a TV show but don’t want to strain their neck or back.

They are also popular for anyone who wants to use them to lay down in bed and relax after a long day. They are especially good for those who have had neck or back injuries that make it difficult to sit up in bed.

Nautilus Goggles


Steampunk goggles are an essential accessory for inventors, mad scientists, airship crew members and many other people who work in the steampunk world. They protect your eyes from sparks, hot steam and chemicals that might come in contact with your eyes while you’re at work.

This pair of deep sea specs was created by Middletown, CT-based steampunk designer Joey Marsocci (aka Doctor Grymm). The brass and steel cog wheels, rivets and lens frames give these glasses a positively nautical look that’s a delight to see.

Whether you’re a steampunk fisherman, an airship pilot or just love to snorkel, these Nautilus sunglasses by Maui Jim will help you keep your eyes safe from the glare of the water’s surface and reduce eye fatigue. Round polarized lenses in matte black are set into an uncomplicated frame with subtle grooved patterns that echo the coiled chambers of the Nautilus.

Boilermonster Goggles

One of the most common accessories worn by steampunk enthusiasts is goggles. Aviation goggles and blowtorching goggles are among the most popular, though they may also be incorporated into ones glasses (see Doctor Steel).

In addition to keeping the wind on an airship from drying out your eyes, they can provide protection for mad scientists working with dangerous chemicals and sparks in the lab. These are also a great way to add an extra element of fun to your outfit or just as a cool accessory to wear on a daily basis.

These goggles were made by Kimric Smythe, aka Boilermonster, from an old pair of German safety goggles. They have brass and steel cog wheels, rivets and lens frames giving them a weathered and crusty overall look that is just perfect for the swashbuckling explorer in you!

These goggles are a bit different from the other steampunk eyewear, but they do a very good job of conveying the steampunk aesthetic. They are a must-have for any costumer who is looking to be authentically steampunk.

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