Things to Consider Before Installing Conservatory Roof Panels

Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid one can transform the room and make it feel like a real extension of your home. However, there are some things to consider before you decide to go ahead with the project.

Older conservatory roof panels can easily be levered off, giving criminals easy access to your home and the contents inside your conservatory. A solid tile conservatory roof from Metrotile is a much more robust and difficult to break into.


A conservatory without a solid roof can feel like a greenhouse in the summer and an ice box in the winter. Insulating the conservatory will make it a comfortable room all year round.

Upgrading your conservatory roof with insulated panels can cut heating costs significantly. It will also help to keep the space cool in the summer and reduce glare.

Other options for insulating your conservatory include polycarbonate and triple glazing. These are a step up from glass but don’t offer the same level of insulation as insulated roof panels.

Another option for a roof replacement is composite panels. These are made from insulated GRP and come in a variety of colours. They are ideal for a modern conservatory. They are lightweight and energy efficient and can be used in conjunction with glazed sections for shading. They also have the advantage of being fire rated. They are also less expensive than polycarbonate. However, they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as glass or polycarbonate.


A poorly insulated conservatory can feel like a greenhouse in summer and a cold, draughty space in winter. Thankfully, installing a solid replacement roof will transform your conservatory into a room that’s comfortable all year round.

You will also benefit from lower energy bills as the insulating properties of the panels help to keep heat in during winter and block out the sun’s rays in summer. You’ll also notice a difference in the acoustics of your conservatory, as it will be quieter inside.

You can still install roof windows in a solid conservatory roof panels to let the daylight flood in and make your new living space truly your own. The best installers will be able to advise you on the best options available and can offer a range of Velux window colours, sizes and glazing to suit any roof style.


If you opt for a glass conservatory roof, you can easily add tinting to the panels to attain a specific shade and help block UV rays. You can also have coloured or styled glazing bars added to the roof for a bespoke look.

Alternatively, you can choose the Livinroof or Ultraroof hybrid tiled replacement solid conservatory roof. These designs feature shaped glazing panels, allowing light to flood inside your new extension. Moreover, these roofs come with an internal pelmet to help increase thermal efficiency. This pelmet can also be used to install lighting or speakers, transforming your orangery into a cosy home addition.

If you’re thinking of installing a solid conservatory roof, make sure you speak to your installer. They can provide you with a building regulations certificate to prove that your new roof meets all the requirements. Alternatively, you can contact your council yourself for approval. This may take longer but will ensure you get the right roof for your property.


A badly insulated conservatory is often a cold, dark space that’s hard to enjoy during the winter. With our insulated roof panels you can reclaim your conservatory and enjoy it all year round.

Whether you’re using your conservatory to entertain guests, or simply relax and unwind in peace. A solid roof makes it much more pleasant to spend time in your conservatory during the daytime, especially when it rains. Older conservatory roofs can sound like a marching band when it rains, whereas our replacement roof panels are much more lightweight and absorb the noise just as your house roof does.

It’s worth looking for a local installer who can offer Thermotec, our range of insulated roof panels that are suitable for aluminium and polycarbonate conservatories. Look for a CERTASS registered firm which can offer the right level of service to ensure you get a high-quality, FENSA compliant roof installed with no issues. This will give you the guarantee you need for complete peace of mind.

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