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Top Vacuum Pumps for HVAC

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If you’re in the market for a vacuum pump, it’s important to consider your needs and find one that suits your work. Look for features such as noise level and if it requires lubrication.

Also, check if it has a sight glass to know how much oil you have left in the pump.


The VP6D is a 6 CFM, 2 stage unit with a versatile dual voltage 1/2 HP motor. It boasts the same high quality, high value features engineered into all Pro-Set CPS vacuum pumps providing performance excellence and years of reliable service.

Vacuum pump performance is defined by its ability to extract air and gas molecules from sealed areas. The rate at which these molecules are removed is measured by the pumping speed. In addition, other factors such as backstreaming and evaporation of molecules are also important considerations.

There are two main types of vacuum pumps. Positive displacement and kinetic pumps displace the gas from sealed areas to a downstream pumping stage. In contrast, gas binding vacuum pumps bind gases to an especially active surface or condense them at a specific temperature. The latter approach is often used in chemical applications. The energy consumption of each type of pump is characterized by the amount of work it does per volume pumped.

2. Robinair 15310

The Robinair 15310 is a rotary vane vacuum pump with forced oil lubrication for long service life. It features a cast iron intake and exhaust ring, metal vanes and a precision machined steel rotor. It has a lightweight and compact design with a small footprint, making it ideal for use on rooftop HVAC equipment and RTUs. This pump also features a pressure gauge for monitoring performance. It comes with a 1/4″ MFL inlet tee for easy installation.

The vacuum generated by this pump can be used for a variety of applications including brake application and turbo charger waste gate actuation. It can even be used for EGR valve actuation.

4. Bacoeng AC Vacuum Pump

If you’re on the hunt for a powerful vacuum pump for HVAC, you’ve come to the right place. Vacuum pumps are essential tools that every technician must have to properly evacuate HVAC systems and make sure they’re clean and dry prior to adding refrigerant.

While vacuum pumps can be confusing to shop for due to their many dials and hose connections, they’re easy to use once you understand the basics. First, determine what depth of vacuum you require. This is usually determined by measuring the pressure differential between atmospheric pressure and 1 mbar/0.7 Torr.

Having this information will help you find a vacuum pump with the right CFM rating to ensure your system reaches a vacuum. A high CFM rating will allow you to work faster and more efficiently. You should also check the pump’s maximum pressure and motor size. This will allow you to match the pump with your specific needs and application. Top vacuum pumps

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