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What Can Private Live in Carers Do For Your Loved One?

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Private live in Carers are a great option for people who need full-time care at home but do not want to move into a care home. If your loved one decides to opt for this type of care it is important to make sure that they have a suitable space for the caregiver to stay in.
Personal Care

The personal care services offered by Private live in Carers focus on maintaining their clients’ health and independence. They provide help with day-to-day tasks like dressing, washing and medication management. They can also help with mobility support and arranging trips to the hair salon or grocery store. In addition to assisting their clients, they can also offer emotional support.

Carers will make sure expensive items and cash are kept safe, especially if they work with dementia clients. They may even set up a dedicated bank account for their client. It’s best to discuss these issues up front so that the client feels comfortable with their caregiver.

If you decide to hire a private carer directly rather than going through an agency, you will have to manage employment contracts and holiday entitlements. However, if you choose to use an agency, you’ll be able to choose from a range of qualified and experienced carers. In addition, they can offer regulated/fully managed live-in care, which is ideal if your needs change.
Meal Preparation

Many elderly people choose to eat only take out or pre-made meals when they can no longer cook for themselves, but a diet of this nature is extremely unhealthy. A live in carer can prepare delicious, healthy meals for a senior based on their personal tastes, preferences and dietary requirements. They can also assist with shopping for food and storing it correctly, making sure all the necessary ingredients are always on hand. Some seniors have very specific dietary needs, for example, some have chewing or swallowing difficulties that require texture modified foods to be prepared to very precise specifications. Meal kits can be a great, low effort solution to this problem. They usually come with step by step recipes and pre-portioned ingredients. They are available from a number of companies that specialise in meal delivery.

Private live in Carers provide light housekeeping services to help your loved one maintain their home as it was before they began receiving care. This could include tidying up, cleaning surfaces, sweeping and vacuuming. They will also wipe down surfaces and kitchen appliances regularly.

When choosing a private live in carer it is worth keeping in mind they will be living with your loved one so their space and privacy is essential too. The room they use doesn’t necessarily need to be a bedroom, a spare room in the house, a garden shed or even the garage can work. Just ensure it is clean, spacious and functional with access to a bathroom.

If you are considering private live in care it’s important to note that if you arrange this through an agency you will likely have to pay sick and holiday entitlements, provide relevant insurance and write employment contracts. You may also have responsibilities with regards to background checks and taking on respite care when the carer is away.

As well as providing companionship for loved ones, homecare carers will often accompany clients to doctors’ appointments, run basic errands and provide respite care when family members are away. Companionship care can also offer a confidence boost for those who struggle to go out, allowing them to visit friends and family with the peace of mind that back-up is available if needed.

Live-in care means that a full-time caregiver moves into the home to support with care and daily activities. This is increasingly linked with better health outcomes and can be a cost-effective alternative to residential care.

Some families choose to employ their own private live-in carer but this can have legal implications such as holiday entitlements, sick pay and employment contracts. It is recommended to use an introductory agency such as Hometouch as this alleviates some of the stress and risk associated with direct hiring. It’s a good idea to make sure any valuables are locked away in case of theft or confusion and some families have a special bank account that their carer can access for emergencies.

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