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Maxiheat Prime Wood Heater

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The Maxiheat Prime Wood Heater is an affordable and high quality indoor wood heater. It’s a radiant style of heater which means that the heat flows directly from the firebox circulating it throughout your home in an efficient way.

These types of heaters have a great range of benefits including high heat output, low emissions and remarkable efficiencies. The type of heating you need will depend on your location, climate and personal preference.


A wood heater is an excellent way to heat your home while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint. While many people think of a wood fireplace when they hear the word wood heater, this heating solution can be applied to a variety of spaces, from your indoors to your backyard patio. Maxiheat’s wood heating solutions are built with high-quality materials to maximise heat output and reduce environmental impact while ensuring your home is kept warm all winter long. They are the obvious choice when it comes to generating that elusive cosy ambiance in your favourite room of the house.

Choosing the best wood heater for your home isn’t easy; however, you don’t need to break the bank to get the job done. Kent Heaters carries a full range of products from the likes of Maxiheat, so you can be sure that you are getting the most efficient and effective wood heating system for your needs.

High Heat Output

The Maxiheat Prime Wood Heater combines modern design with the warmth of a log fire to create a stunning focal point in any home. This stylish wood heater features a large viewing glass to enhance the flames and complement any interior decor.

The Prime also has a high efficiency rating of 73%, meaning it is one of the most efficient wood heaters available today. It is a slow combustion heater which ensures the maximum amount of wood can be used to keep your home warm and cosy.

These modern wood heaters also meet Australian emissions and efficiency standards, so you can enjoy a clean-burning method of heating your home without any harmful fumes. With a range of freestanding and inbuilt models, you can select the perfect fit for your home. Many of the wood heaters come with long burn times which means you can rely on them to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all winter.

Easy to Operate

The Maxiheat Prime Wood Heater is a traditional looking wood heater that combines stylish design with high efficiency. This wood heater is backed by a 10 year firebox warranty and is perfect for medium to large sized homes. It has a heating capacity of up to 200 square meters and is made from 5mm steel with firebricks, making it a great choice for heating your home.

Maxiheat wood heaters are easy to operate and come with long burn times, meaning that you won’t have to worry about your house going cold overnight. They are also built with high-quality materials to maximise their heat output while minimising environmental impact. These wood heaters are a great addition to your home, and will provide you with a warm place to gather around during those cold winter nights. So shop online today and get started on creating a cosy environment in your home. You won’t regret it! Thanks for reading!

Low Carbon Footprint

Maxiheat Prime Wood Heaters are one of the most efficient wood heaters on the market. This radiant style of wood heater enables the wood to be heated directly from the firebox, reducing the amount of fuel required and the carbon footprint associated with it. The Maxiheat Prime Wood Heater is also a great option for heating medium sized homes, with the ability to cover up to 150 square meters of floor space.

With their modern and stylish design, Maxiheat wood heaters are the perfect addition to any home. These high-quality and efficient heaters are designed to deliver exceptional heating performance while being eco-friendly, with a wide range of options available for you to choose from. Shop now to find a wood heater that suits your interior style and provides the warmth and ambiance you’ve been looking for. Adding a wood heater to your home will make it feel warm and welcoming, even during the coldest winter nights!

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