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Top 10 1st Anniversary Gifts

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For a traditional first anniversary theme, lean into gifts made of paper. Personalized newspaper books and engraved photo frames make thoughtful presents to commemorate your time together.

If you’re celebrating with a travel-loving couple, consider a set of luggage. Or, give them a travel stub diary to keep all their getaway memories together.

  1. Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a classic choice for this anniversary. It’s both a symbolic gift for their love of the game and an elegant piece they can wear everyday.

For a sweeter touch, customize it with their name and wedding date. Or opt for a floral bouquet that symbolizes their love. This one features roses, daisy poms and carnations (a first anniversary flower) and is arranged in a purple fluted vase.

  1. Peony Bouquet

Peonies are a wedding staple, and they make a gorgeous bouquet for a first anniversary. Ask your florist to create a full, round spray of white peonies and camellias like this Mindy Rice clutch, or opt for a more colorful mix, as Garage by Ivy did here.

A modern take on the paper anniversary theme is this customized map of the world with push pins to mark all the places they’ve been together (and all the adventures yet to come). Plus, it’s personalized with their names and wedding date.

  1. Gold-Vermeil Necklace

While some jewelry lovers assume gold plated and gold vermeil are the same, these two metals differ in their quality. Unlike costume jewelry, gold vermeil is made from sterling silver that’s layered with real gold.

This sweet and thoughtful paper anniversary gift is a great way to tell your loved one how much you love them. It includes a heartfelt message printed on a piece of paper that can be rolled up and kept inside the bottle.

  1. Sundial

A sundial marks the passing of time by following the shadow of a style or nodus. The earth’s rotation causes the position of the shadow to change daily, so these solar devices need to be adjusted regularly.

Give the happy couple this thought-provoking card game from Black-owned company Actually Curious to help them strengthen their relationship and build intimacy. They can also use it on date nights with friends and family.

  1. Clock

A clock is a classic first anniversary gift for a reason. It’s practical, on-theme and a great way to encourage them to spend more time together without their phones.

For travel lovers, a scratch off world map is an awesome way to celebrate their first anniversary. Personalize it with their names and the date of their nuptials for a gift they’ll adore.

  1. Go Somewhere

If your better half is a die-hard reader, this book-inspired gift is a thoughtful paper anniversary present. Have important details like their name and wedding date folded into the pages for a unique keepsake they’ll treasure.

Get out of your comfort zone with this quirky couple’s journal. This fill-in-the-blank book includes prompts designed to help strengthen your relationship and build intimacy.

  1. Luggage

A decade of marriage calls for a gift of refined elegance. This sophisticated hourglass is a classic addition to their coffee or console table and can be customized with their names, wedding date and charming quote.

If your spouse is a traveler, this cool map of the world will allow them to scratch off countries they’ve visited and make plans for all those future adventures. Plus, it stays true to the traditional one-year anniversary gift theme of paper.

  1. Digital Photo Frame

If you’re shopping for a more modern first anniversary gift, consider this sleek digital frame. It features a touch-screen for easy operation and can display multiple photos as a slideshow.

If your spouse has a love for writing, this paper-themed subscription box is the perfect surprise. It includes teaching booklets and book-inspired treats they can use together. Plus, one review says opening it up is like “Christmas morning!”.

  1. Pet Portrait

Capture the love of your pet in a unique, custom art piece. Artists can turn your favorite photos into pencil sketches, watercolor paintings or even digital masterpieces you can print and frame.

This Etsy seller turns your photos into colorful, full-body portraits of cats, dogs or horses with options for different background colors and frames. For a better result, send the most detailed photo you can with a clear focus.

  1. Travel Stub Diary

Help your traveling spouse organize priceless fragments of their adventures with this handy take-along album. It features protective sleeves in two different sizes for storing everything from postcards and maps to ticket stubs and photos, plus space in the margins for notes.

A sweet paper anniversary gift for them is this box of customized “love coupons” they can cash in for romantic experiences, like breakfast in bed or a night out together.1st Anniversary Gifts

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